I doorstepped Diane Abbott about a new policy with no costings, I asked her 13 times how much it costs. She didn’t know. This is part of an end of the year series of videos that I never released. Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. There are a lot of folk in the wrong job, bluffing their way around & pretending to know what they're doing whilst claiming a very good wage … & Dianne Abbot is the perfect example !!

  2. Diane Abbott is one of the most racist people in this country. She is utterly vile and a complete moron. Someone buy her a calculator. It will cosssssssst. It will cosssssssst….. aboooouuuut….

  3. Dianne Abbott, ignorance personified. As long as she doesn't get sick of showing herself to be not only terminally stupid but the absolute epithet of labour tokenism, I for one will not get sick of watching her cringeworthy performances😂😂😂

  4. I don't like to be negative but Diane Abbot is grossly unattractive in every aspect of her being.That such a person could be part of our political system really annoys me.

  5. Why on earth did you delete this in the first place? What you did was ask her a perfectly sound question outright. "Shockingly" she couldn't answer it. She can't debate logical people. You are obviously too sensible so it's best to avoid you.