Today Abbott is asked 7 times what Labour’s Brexit policy is and she is clueless!

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Over rated, over paid, clueless labour drone who comments on pure shite and she is a London labour mayor lover who also would give all our values away. Sack them both quickly

  2. The interviewer is the idiot – Diane Abbott is a member of a party and has to follow her party line . It’s not unreasonable therefore to await her leaders policy speech . The interviewer must be aware that individual party members can’t comment on a leaders speech until its been delivered .

  3. The thought of Corbyn shagging Abbott when they were a couple years ago is just bilious. With Corbyn using Antifa to intimidate moderate Labour MP's to agree with his Far Left/Communist views and promising to shut any national newspaper who prints the truth he met with KGB paid agents, the should not be one person on this Island who doesn't know how dangerous him and Abbott will be if people are stupid enough to vote them into power.

  4. What is the point of Diane Abbott going on air with LBC. She has no view point or any worthwhile contributions to make, a “no comment!” Interview farce.
    Everyone else knows the Labour position is to betray the democratic will of over 17 million voters.