Jeremy Corbyn has promoted Diane Abbott & Emily Thornberry. Some of their quotes include “Mao did more good than harm”, “White people like to divide and rule”, “This country has never had open door immigration”.

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I love how every time she’s asked a question she look’s up because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about or she say’s she doesn’t wanna talk about it and I’m a American who’s seen her for like 2 days.

  2. This is just sad to be honest, Emily Thornberry (a politician) seems to think that asking her about politics is "sexism"… Seriously, this is pathetic, these two women are demonstrably incompetent at their jobs and when asked questions they should know the answers to but don't, they either cry "racism", "sexism" or a mixture of both, it would almost be funny, but this is our ruling class, how did we sink this low…

  3. What ever is Corbyn thinking About having Goons like Thornberry and Abbott in his Shadow Cabinet,the Man must be out of his Tiny Mind and it is Tiny,do these Women actually think the Public are Stupid,they must Share a Braincell with all the Crap they come out with which makes no sense Whatsoever,neither will answer the Question that is asked,instead they go Waffling on about anything that avoids them Answering the Question that was asked,Total Numtys the both of them.

  4. She's a bloody racist!! Taking white BRITISH people for a ride!! Why has she got her job?? Because Corbyn was shagging this big fat ugly racist birch!! Yuk!! Shows what good taste Corbyn has????yeah! Vote for labour party and this is what you get!!!!!

  5. Diane abbot is the biggest racist bigot I've seen on TV she hates white people. Thornberry is an absolute mess "I got it wrong" that should be the new Labour logo "we got it wrong again" dim whitted shirt front, what she know about politics you could write on the back of a first class stamp and still have enough room for the Lords prayer, fuck keeping our streets safe? she is the enemy of Britain she swore allegiance to Labour bring the country to its knees again