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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. minimum wage should be at least 8:50-9 n hour! most big companies start out people at minimum wage just because its so low! DD starts people out at 7:50 n give u a 25 cent wage after 3 months just like little Caesars, burger king etc….corporate greed!

  2. let's face it people it's only a matter of time before we live in a socialist world. you want to blame something blame corporate greed, people are sick of being ripped off!! there is no reason for corporations to post multi billion dollar profits when most of America is broke except for the fact they are ripping is off!!! you may say then don't buy it. but that's a hallow argument you need necessities and those are the things were being gouged on the worst! don't get me wrong I'm not a socialist but if government can cap what the farmer charges for his milk then they dam well can cap what the corporation charges top sell us that milk!

  3. Problem with the word "socialism" is that's it's been politicized. The example countries given are/ were *communist*, which is 100% socialist. Just about every country in the world has an economy that is a mixture of capitalism and socialism based on what they feel works for them.
    Pure capitalism (or libertarianism now) didn't work either. That's why we have a minimum wage and social security.

  4. The only reason you disagree with a "living minimum wage" is because you have a irrational fear of a $78.50 taco. Cheap asses!

    Edit, for those who can't tell this is intended as sarcasm.

  5. The diner owners should sue her for preventing a citizen from maintaining a living & supporting a Family. The Dems want to keep families together so much they will Destroy the owner's family to make their point.