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Do fancy costumes help Skaters win Olympic Glory? | Burning Questions

A look at whether or not a flamboyant outfit help skaters achieve Olympic success and some of the best examples.

Part science, part trivia, this show uses advanced analytics to answer all those questions that you always had, but were afraid to ask!

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  1. Interesante pregunta, aunque la respuesta no me ha quedado muy clara…supongo que es para cada quien lo suyo… veo el contraste de Nathan Chen quien ultimamente sus trajes son tan limples y sobrios y me encanta esa sencillez de él al mismo tiempo que me hace enfocarme más en su actuación que en un traje de luces y plumas. (sin menospreciar a quienes lo hacen)

  2. It's a theatrical sport, or is that not obvious enough? It's not always about the technical difficulty, artistry has always been part of the final score. Your costume is an extension of that. I don't think anyone really believes that a costume is going to make or break a gold medal score, but think of the psychological impact it must have putting on the costume and make up, like putting on a mask or armor, it mentally prepares you for the competition.

  3. Fancy costumes shouldn't help skaters win, and skaters shouldn't wear fancy costumes in an attempt to influence judges. Outfits ought to fit the music, and not distract from the performance. If the music calls for fancy, go ahead and wear fancy. If it calls for simplicity, go for that. For best effect, the outfits also should stay ON.

  4. So sorry but I can´t help myself I JUST CAN NOT UNDERSTAND THIS GUY!!! He is just mumbling in his teeth and beard all the time omg open your mouth please 😀 and how fast can someone talk? Oh my…

  5. There are so many factual errors in this I don’t even know where to begin 😒 1- rhinestones are not all sewn on. I’d say at least 80% of them are glued on. If you were sewing on 10,000 rhinestones it would take MUCH longer than 40 hours 2- Sarah Hughes didn’t wear the cat suit for the Olympics at ALL. It was her exhibition costume for a completely different program. Unitards for competition were banned until 2004 due to the “Katarina rule” so for her to skate at the Olympics 2 years before that rule was lifted would have eliminated her chances at gold. 3-it’s pretty much standard now to have beautiful costumes, so saying the person that won’s costume was what helped them win gold is completely detracting from the hard work they put in for their whole life.

    Was really hoping this “official” channel would actually help promote this sport instead of seemingly “affirming” that’s it’s all about pretty dresses 😡