Oct. 25 — At a rally in Tallahassee, Florida, Donald Trump responds to Vice President Biden’s remark that he’d like to take the GOP nominee “behind the gym.”

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  1. trump better be careful who he is calling out. trump is forgetting that he is a pussy. Joe Biden would be known as one punch Joe. one punch to trumps butt ugly mug and trumps down for the count. hell, Biden steps into the ring and trump pees himself. lets get this pussy of a president impeached and MAPA-Make America Proud Again.

  2. Bully, thug, liar, inhuman, empty vessel, whore master, and the list goes on. Joe Biden was foolish making the remarks he did, however, I understand. Besides, Joe Biden has a heart, compassion, and cares about humanity, whereas, the idiot cares only about himself!!!! Pathetic!!! Sad!!!

  3. Hey, crazy uncle Joe… you better tighten up your hair weave and put some extra glue on those dental veneers, because your tough talking, do nothing, wimpy DemoRAT ass is going to be Trump kicked! Bend over Joe… who's your daddy now?!?!?!

  4. I can only surmise that trumpie's bone spurs hadn't yet peaked in high school for him to state that he could put down Biden hard and fast, crying all the way in high school. Sure sounds to me like he was fit to serve in Viet Nam. I did read that cheeto had serial altercations with a fellow student at his tin soldier high school who stood all of 4-11; whatever happened to only picking on someone your own size? I guess that's too much to ask of a bully with exceptionally small hands.

  5. Sounds like the prefect opportunity for those money grubbing trumps to hold a Pay Per View event where their tinny handed president can fight Vice President Joe Biden.The trump brand needs a win these days but, something tells me president pornstar's bone spurs would start acting up again on Fight-Night.

  6. Trump, Biden is right. You are still the fattest, ugliest, SOB. Behind the barn? Dumbass, he said the behind gym. He’s not a hick like you, ya Mango Mussolini.