Donald Trump: Clinton Is Guilty and ‘the FBI Knows It’

Nov. 6 — At a rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Donald Trump reacted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s finding that Hillary Clinton did not commit a crime in her handling of e-mails as secretary of state. The GOP nominee said that Clinton is “being protected by a rigged system.”

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  1. If Trump wins this will be the “last” and “real” election in USA. Trump will pass the law (example Turkey, Korea, Taiwan etc.), that no individual and/or news agency can’t talk or report any negative about president or his family members. #2. The 51% shares of any TV station must be controlled by government (example Russia). Than after 8 years from his Dictatorship, his son’s will run and win 8 years each including his little one Baron Trump. Everyone is sick of politicians but replacing a politician with Dictator will be catastrophic.

  2. That's 1.4 trillion his angle?? Lol! Imagine if 1.4 billion he's elected. He'll be 1.5 trillion accusing other 1.2 million countries…omg! 99.9 million Can you 1.22 trillion say "global 8.67 billion war"? Hold on, gotta take-a-tic-tax. Lol!😂😂😂
    1.6 trillion

  3. That bitch will get in because she's selected by the establishment remember presidents are not elected they have always been selected by the corrupt establishment all this BS election is pure theatre as always to make the stupid people think they are voting for someone when as always it's already been decided. Trump is right everything is rigged in corrupt America that FBI shit Comey is a scumbag puppet of the bankers and globalists. Fuck Washington DC and fuck the corrupt politicians and the establishment. America is finished if that criminal bitch is president. And you stupid ass retarded Americans who support that bitch and her rapist husband will get what's coming to you when that bitch takes your country into another phoney stupid war based on lies and takes away your guns and even worse Russia nukes the shit out of your silly corrupt country.

  4. hillary clinton also told an unauthorized person to print classified information. people who do that go to prison but not hillary who is above the law.

  5. Alex Jones predicted AS SOON AS THE 2nd FBI INVESTIGATION STARTED that they were going to false flag the indictment to help boost Hillary back into a position where they could rig the polls….
    It's so fucking obvious xD. I mean…. You CANNOT investigate 650 thousand emails in 8 days. Can't do it folks

  6. Hillary's corrupt, sure, but not significantly more corrupt than most other politicians. The entire system is corrupt. Trump's slogan should be, "You've tried the puppets. Now, try the puppmaster!" He may be tangentially "outside of the system," but for years he's been taking advantage of the very system his supporters claim to oppose. His business record is rife with corruption and federal lawsuits. And if he had been inside of government, he would've had his hands in more corrupt schemes than Hillary ever did.