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Economist Thomas Landstreet on The Trump Budget & Retail Sales

Economist Thomas Landstreet on The Trump Budget & Retail Sales

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Give Congress the 15 dollars an hour they want everyone to make or pay for there own sh!t.DEATH TO ALL TYRANTS/WAKE UP PEOPLE PROTECT YOUR FAMILY PROTECT YOUR FREEDOM GOD BLESS AMERICA

  2. HealthCare for all, that so many other Nations have; our Global Competitors. Is immoral undoable and unaffordable. Yet we already have it, very badly implemented, in the Emergency Room of Hospitals. Today, $4.8 Trillion spent on Medical Insurance & out of Pocket, while the cost of single payer Health Protection (like Our Law Enforcement is) would be $3.2 Trillion.

    Because we call helping/caring/empathy/mercy/compassion for Poor American Families, Socialism and Communism.

    Better to let the poor children suffer and die? God sees and hears what, when he looks at the World? The Truth or easily deceived by the Liars and pretenders to be, the make believers, the Priesthood that Jesus, speaking for God, called Pit Vipers…

    Providing for the General Welfare of We the People, By the People, and For the People is Socialism or Communism, because it is not driven by Profit, the Love of Money? In a Nation that claims to be 80% Christian and 99 out of 100 Politicians claim Christianity as their Religion and Jesus their God. That Curses and judges them the enemy, anyone that refuses to bend their knees in whorship of his IMAGE gave the name of a Man?

    Hmm, what did Jesus the Messiah say? And no need of present day Talking Heads claiming to speak for God, we have the Messiah and the good words wrote down, to ask what is the Goodwill of God is…Warmongers or Peacemakers, the cup full of Hate or Love, Fear or Love, love or hate our enemies? So who is lying and are the Liars serving Satan instead of Good?

    And While we're at it, how is it moral & ethical, we can afford to spend Trillions on the NSA and CIA so they can then spy on the Whole World and Domestically within the USA? Monopolize and Propagandize the MSM (?freepress?) under Operation Mockingbird, all while brainwashing and programming Americans to believe, feel, think, say, do and buy the way the establishment wants, under Operation MK-Ultra?

    War, Conquer, Famine, and Death are made the Heroes in the fight of spreading Democracy and Jesus the God of them, the God with a Mommy and the Popes for his Fathers. The Richer have become filthy Rich and the Nicest people Earth meanwhile the Poor have been made even poorer & Naughtier than before, thanks to Santa.

    All acts of the Globalists, the NWO, under the Umbrella of the Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, the Atlantic Council, and the Trilateral Commission. A Thousand Points of Light, A thousand of the Richest Bloodlines to Control the World.