Social justice policies appear to be backfiring at Evergreen State College as the faculty continues supporting an openly anti-white agenda, but, as One America’s Pearson Sharp explains, students aren’t happy with the school’s apparently racist policies — leading to a massive drop in enrollment.

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  1. I live in Olympia and I hope this College has to shut down. I feel for the teachers who want nothing to do with this but obviously the ones running this school are ruining it and needs to be fired. This is crazy and I hope the good students go to South Puget Sound or other Colleges.

  2. Segregation isn't a bad thing. Blacks remind me of Muslims; they won't assimilate. Whites don't want to be around these animals. What surprises me is that animal behavior is going on in WA state. I always thought the Pacific NW was more educated and progressive than, say, Chicago or Detroit…guess I was wrong. The only thing to conclude from the difference between whites and blacks who receive the exact same education is that IQ thing. Oh yes, and the fact that over 70% of black households have no father.

  3. I say promote a blacks only day. Have a fried chicken, watermelon and grape kool-aid bbq to maximize black attendance, then, send in 20 hard-core gun-toting white boys to purge the whole shitskin lot of them. Sounds like fun times to me.

  4. It's okay, no big deal. No big deal if you like violence. I really, truly, honestly would be happy as can be if there was no contention between people. But I think that last opportunity to just make peace with each other, is LONG fucking gone. I fear that this will end poorly for all. But, you can only poke a big Cat with a stick for only so long, before it mauls the fuck outta you. I would be so happy with peace but instead, all that this shit is going to do is end up summoning the Demon of War. Enjoy the coming blood bath.

  5. You see what happens when you allow SJW'S to Have control? U get a hate group of Racist like Antifa Terrorist(Communist). Social Justice Warriors are just as bad as the Nazis from WW2, targeting, hunting and Cleansing the population on the campus like Hitler did in Germany and the other countries he raped. This time White's and Asian Americans are now the targets of Racist far far left extremist who want nothing more than to take away people's rights to live freely

  6. Commie-puppet liberals always will make self-defeating ideas and agendas b/c they are brainwashed into being self destructing to personal freedoms. The sad part is that when they get their way, it also kills the freedoms of others.

  7. Hahahaha. Jews like that complaining faculty member created all the racism against non-Jewish whites that is now biting them in the ass.
    I guess you have to be Tarzan or "George of the Jungle" to go to college now if you're white.
    I'm actually fine with segregation. We never should have ended it in the first place.

  8. Wow…and never heard of word about this on the Globalist cotrolled White hating liberal Mainstream no surprise there. Liberals consider this a big win and a huge boost to their ideology and misguided agenda..and if that doesn't tell people how misguided, twisted, dangerous and completely fucked up they are, nothing will.