EU ‘Happy’ to Try to Clarify But Not Renegotiate Brexit Deal

Feb.18 — The European Union said it would be “happy” to offer clarifications on the Brexit deal that might help build a majority for the accord in the British Parliament, while reiterating that renegotiation is off the table. Bloomberg’s Maria Tadeo reports from Brussels on “Bloomberg Markets.”

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  1. Please EU, don't blink. We want you to be your usual self-absorbed possessive incestuous intransigent selves for one last time so the UK can leave on WTO or basic FTA. Thank you.

  2. The politicians seem to have forgotten that the British people voted to leave the EU!
    We didn't vote for any cooked up deal.
    If the EU slap 10% tariffs on UK goods we should slap 15% tariffs on their goods.
    Napoleon tried to isolate Britain with his continental system.
    Google it!