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EU Has Gone the Extra Mile on Brexit, Says Luxembourg Finance Minister

EU Has Gone the Extra Mile on Brexit, Says Luxembourg Finance Minister

Mar.12 — Luxembourg Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna discusses the changes to the Brexit deal and what it means for the EU and the U.K. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”

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  1. UK should leave without a deal first then we'll see after how many years if EU27 still wants to make any trade deals with the UK because for sure these EU Commission unelected gangster will beg UK for a trade in the near future since they'll be having a big budget deficit after UK leaves them and that for sure is gonna happen. . .God bless Brexit :=).

  2. If they EU has gone the extra mile they better keep running as the U.K. just rejected their 💩offer , WTO terms and we need to pay them nothing , this is the real feeling of the 17.4 million people who voted and still want to leave the corrupt EU

  3. The arrogance of the EU suggesting that they are doing the UK any favours. the UK is giving the EU the chance to continue trade on the current terms ( in the EU's favour) otherwise we leave on WTO terms , which will cripple the EU. . We need to leave the EU ASAP with the 29th march being the last date permissible.

  4. They make an extra effort because they fear Brexit, but it won't be enough and May will lose in parliament today. Against EU rules the Brexit saga will be extended and so on until the electorate get old, become indifferent or die, that's the plan. But many young people are becoming aware and are moving away from the EU club as they begin to see it for what it is.

  5. I always find amusing how with other countries that are part of the EU(full member or not) say WE while the UK always said THEY, just close the history book with brexit already and let them be