Telegraph Brexit correspondent James Rothwell explains EU corruption, divisions in Europe over Brexit and how Theresa May has managed to hold it all together.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I have a sneaky feeling that all the "doom and gloom" merchants (within and outside the UK), will be surprised when the EU, having run out of "spite" and putting obstacles in the way of Brexit, will make concessions, simply to keep the UK "in the fold" as it were, while accepting that the UK will be able to Govern as it likes….but not in all areas. They may make a concession on immigration – after all, the job is done – we are now buckling under the weight of thousands of people extra to look after… Germany's budget adjusting gradually to take account of the extra welfare they are having to pay out….Brexit could not have come at a worse time for them….2015: Merkel "opens the doors"…..2016: UK votes to leave….the quoted £10 billion would have paid for a lot of "refuges"111

  2. Irony is the EU today benefits Russia.. look at who gets energy from Russia within the EU. Much easier to deal with a single bloc. The Russia facade is just that a facade.. imaginary enemy..

  3. Additional: katherine3486: The mob I was referring to is: The European Court of Auditors. REALLY??!!!!! hahahaha What a laugh…the very fact that "European" appears in their title is cause for concern!!! (just type on Google: who signs off the EU's books"…..I got it in seconds).

  4. May has betrayed us. We needed a very strong stance to get best deal. Instead remainers have ruined our chances of a decent deal because, seemingly, they'd rather lose their job and tank the economy so they can say they were right.
    The stuff coming out of EU meant we had to adopt a harder time especially against a pisshead bureaucrat. Yet the MP's with help from remainers in court and media has ruined us.

  5. Just BAN THE BREXIT. Opinion Polls, illegally exploited by Leavers should not replace our elected Democracy . March for EU on the 23rd June. We are staying. We are not going with Project Stupid.

  6. €100k pension is corrupt? Hahaha…come to the USA, especially the Democrat party controlled states like NY, California and Illinois, and I will show you corruption! On Long Island NY, the average police officer or teacher gets €130K pensions!

  7. Why do remainers not watch vital interviews like this? This man is knowledgeable, experienced and must tell the truth. He is liable to the things he says and is not a politician or banker nor has vested interests in bending the truth. To truly understand the issues before us we need to research both sides of the argument, look back on opinions that might of changed over time and hear from various sources of different channels.

  8. Your loyal to undemocratic unelected unaccountable Zealots…….who want control of an army ….havnt we been here twice before in on century …wake up people step is all tax to Brussels once that happens complete control over whole sovereign countries is complete then with an army they can stop any decent ….this isn’t fiction it’s fact. LEAVE 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. Europe should follow

  9. Quite good interview – even though we have all known for a long time that the EU is corrupt as hell. However, Mr. Rothwell really should educate himself regarding the new Polish Bill which he criticizes (at 12:24), as he has evidently simply curated this information directly from the Marxist EU politicians and other ignorant members of the mainstream media. The Polish Bill does NOT criminalize the condemnation of a tiny percentage of 'individual' Poles, who during the War betrayed Jews to the Germans (as Mr. Rothwell claims). It correctly criminalizes the accusation of Poland as a nation and its' citizens as a whole, for being responsible for the Holocaust and/or collaborating with the Germans… and rightly so.

    In fact – as he speaks – Mr. Rothwell seems quite unsure about this subject (between 12:29 and 12:48)… verbally stumbling and not being able to find the correct wording, needing 'prompting' from the equally unknowledgeable interviewer!

    Guys (Politics UK), I enjoy this Channel and am a subscriber, but please, don't make such damaging commentary (misleading your viewers and subscribers) if you haven't conducted THOROUGH research yourselves… unless of course you want to be compared to – and align yourselves with – the actual deceitful mainstream media, and thus lose credibility!?

  10. I'm stunned that Rothwell does not know that the EU & the Commission are among the most corrupt entities in Europe.
    They rake in 160 billion euros & 100 billion vanishes & cannot be accounted for. There are many links to this on the web as well as listening to people like Marta Andreaeson & Yanis Varourfakis and outspoken MEPs. Read The Rotten Heart of Europe……
    The accounts haven't been signed off for since 2007 I think. The Commision is a cess pit of corruption….get a grip.