Match of the Day pundits Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand and Jermaine Jenas do not hold back in their criticism of Roy Hodgson’s England as they lose 2-1 to Iceland at Euro 2016.

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  1. Im from Sweden (1958 and 1994! :)…But every freaking time its a World Cup…..England thinks they are going to win ..easy!!(??) Dudes ´66 was the last time you won The World Cup!! 50 years later and you .. ALWAYS .. think you have the best team ever too run onto the field! And Iceland won over the "BEST" football team!? Meh!? Play as a team, not the freaking size of your wallet!!

  2. Why were they so surprise they got beat england are shit .they will win fuck all ever again fucking losers
    And that shearer what did he ever win 1 poxy league which Blackburn he will.never adamite it but he should have went to man utd and not that mickeymouse club who haven't won a trophy since the fifties and don't anyone say o it's is hometown club bullocks he is a fucking loser and no I don't support man utd.

  3. Face facts, England as a Football playing country aren't good enough. The influx and take over of the English Premiership by superior Foreign players has further hurt the the National standard of the game.
    The top teams of the English Premiership are 90% foreign players, that tells a story in its self

  4. What are these people talking about? England have won 6 world cups…cups of tea lol ha ha ha ha …England are poop on the big stage weeeee heeeeee. Now Croatia knocked em outta the WC …yessssss X gazillion