EU's Barnier Says Talks on Brexit Deal Are `Done and Dusted'

Mar.13 — Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator, gives a statement in Strasbourg after U.K.’s Parliament again rejected the withdrawal agreement negotiated with Prime Minister Theresa May.

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  1. Reminds me off "SPITTING IMAGE"..IT IS SPITTING IMAGE!! 🤣🤣 IDIOTS!! And we gonna drink a beer, talking about the "GOOD OLD DAY'S" 🍺🍺 with the other 27 🎉

  2. The EU is nothing but a undemocratic dictatorship, I want to leave more than i have at any point so far there inflexible stance will cost them big we are the single biggest customer of the EU the 3rd biggest contributor and run a massive trade deficit with them UK leaving is equivalent to 19 small and medium countries leaving at once we are the worlds 5th biggest economy with a huge opportunity ahead of us to make a massive success of Brexit while the EU continues to fail. Look around Europe Germany contracting for the 4th quarter, Italy in recession, France in turmoil, Ireland massive sovereign debt, Spain Greece Portugal all in trouble. who is going to bail these countries out? it sure won't be the British tax payers next time. The EU is all about taking away sovereignty and centralising power more and more we want no part of what they have planned and the sooner the rest of Europe wake up and realise that we are all better out the better. LEAVE MEANS LEAVE #PMMAYMUSTGO

  3. They struggle now about the no deal motion since it means immediate brexit.
    As it seen the problem is in the way that Brexit actually tried the EU and the political world as well when thinking about the actual consequences if it had worked in the way it was really conceived.

  4. 2 1/2 years and they’ve come up with nothing absolute nonsense I voted out to actually leave the EU not some poxy deal wake the fuck up you out of touch stupid politicians and stop going against the will of the people and also stop thinking about your selves and how you benefit from theE you you corrupt politicians sick of this now not a joke any more can’t wait till we leave thanks for fucking everything up for your own selfish gain sick of this government hopefully at some point we will get a real government in and no not labour and actual Brexit government shame on you you disgusting politicians you don’t understand how angry the public is now I think you are just trying to push our buttons and we are now fed up of it wake the fuck up stupid government and get us out of the EU with no deal like we voted for just also shows that you’re a bunch of liars shame on you establishment loving scum toffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. INEZ Qtaish need the truth reveal publicly NOW, about what happened in inez Qtaish Illinois worker's compensation case, about the investagator report about inez Qtaish NOW, Inez Qtaish will never sign no contract for settlement or compromise and no deal. Inez Qtaish will not stop, Inez Qtaish will not lose, Inez Qtaish writing, WATCH THE SKYS, SIGN NO NAL nal no sign na no signal al no sign no signal nal al no sign signal no signal.

  6. Let´s be pragmatic. UK is bound to leave EU sooner or later no matter what the conditions are. So, let them out right now, no extensions. Don´t waste one more minute to make this decision. Markets will appreciate a clear direction and EU Parliament, by getting rid of the toxic influence of Brexit bigotry, can focus on real EU issues.

  7. The EU is to civilized, and I know in the end they will pull their trousers down, just to please the Nigels, but I say,first no deal and let the dirty little Nigels go – all of them! After close he EU market to all UK good, specially financial services – since they want to go we should comply with their wishes, but they will not be allowed back into the club – jot even through the back door.

  8. 40 years of being in the EU we still have 14 million people living in poverty and below that with a further 300,000 homeless people either living on the streets or in hostels

  9. Cahoots that's all that is going on these political class f—er's all sleep in the same bed there will be an extension that will allow a bill to be passed in the House of Commons to insure Noexit happens

  10. Crises what Crises???? Are we France rioting and 20 dead NO! Are we Greece bankrupt NO; the economy has been growing for the last 6 years, 3.2 million Europeans live in the U.K far more than Brits living in Europe?? It's all a storm in a tea cup!!
    Be British……. Keep calm and hold my beer!

  11. Barnier, what a DICK Head. If the EU can throw away £35bn + so be it. No deal will
    suit the UK very well, at least we will be free from the corrupt EU. Details can be
    agreed later , if they want to trade with us. You can not deal with idiots.
    The EU business leaders will put Barnier and his mob in their place, when they
    find out the true cost to their political agenda of the United States of Europe,
    Good Luck to all the peoples of Europe, be aware of what The EU clowns are
    doing to you..

  12. It's not the people of the uk who want to extend. The remoaner undemocratic parliment want to keep us tied to Brussels. There little plan to brake up uk and keep uk in a customs union was pathetic and the remainer goverment (Theresa may) has done her best to screw and keep uk tied to Brussels. No deal is the best solution. No extension. It's not hard. These politicians are quite disgusting in all honesty the ones in the beurocractic e.u and the remainer parliment in London. Just get on with it now. Leave the e.u in two weeks and worry about ur own country, not globalist agendas. Every one can be friends still but there own nation. What's hard to understand. The "backstop" – facilitate terrorists, needs kicking out, the Geneva convention states northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, so appeasing certain terrorist millatias is beyond a joke. International law will be watching this situation I'm sure and we will see who start the problem. As for That there has to be no hard feelings, the uk leaves with no deal as Europe wanted to much of uk sovereignty now will go back to threats and demands so it will never end. There's a time to walk away. And this is the time. As for barny boy people are sick of hearing his stiff neck voice and want out now. The polls are swaying massively. It's the remoaner political elite in westmonster who are doing there best to keep us in. Just walk away. No deal brexit is the only way for uk and Europe to move forward.

  13. At this point, I say the Uk should just get out. When they don't have a convenient scapegoat to blame for all their self-inflicted problems, then maybe then they'll get it.

  14. Vladimir must be cheerful these days. Hail to the brexiteers. Uk is going from prefence membership to WTO terms. From promised blossoming landscapes to keeping self Respect (Quote Boris Johnson) EU is Not the UK s enemy last time i checked

  15. The British people have spiken and have waited long enough. The EU is afraid other countries will file suit, rightfully so. Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither.