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Fact check proves President Trump is right on border crime

Fact check proves President Trump is right on border crime

As President Trump outlined his plan for protecting America’s borders, a reporter from CNN accosted the president over his numbers on illegal immigration. Not only were President Trump’s numbers on immigration accurate, but the reporter has a troubled history going back decades. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains.

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  1. I turned in my Illegal cousins that settled in Calif. 11 people in one house. of course, they started the drug smuggling, selling guns and you name it, anything for money. Guess who knocked on their door? Now, these are some of the nicest people and caring for their family but I just don't understand how they could jeopardize the whole family by greed and then they are praying to God that they get out of jail. They will never have the chance to come back to the USA.

  2. 4,000 Americans murdered each year by illegal aliens & yet the Dems & RINOs (e.g., Romney, et al) not only do NOTHING, they deny the problem even exists!! When about 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11 at the Towers in NYC, the whole country pulled together, found the bodies, cleared the rubble, put up monuments, & went to war, & now hold annual "Remembrance Day" for the lives lost, the families still grieving, & the heroic measures taken by our police, fire depts, nurses, doctors, etc..
    Dems & RINOs:
    Where the HELL are your brains & compassion for the citizens of the USA when it comes to securing our borders???? This is OUTRAGEOUS!!
    Thank you President Trump & all of his supporters, both in Congress & throughout the USA, especially our police, border patrol, & ICE!!

  3. Good to see Trump vindicated. I have had to deal with a couple of my own very nasty Left Trolls both on here and on Disqus over this very issue. They tell me there is "No Emergency", "It's Trump's Fake Manufactured Fictional Emergency", and "Border Crime Doesn't Exist". Never mind that only 2-3 short months ago, there was A HUGE NEST of barbecued cars with crispy-critter bodies in them from a Drug War. DemoPukes make me ill.

  4. who is this stupid person. I was following the caravan back in oct, nov dec. in TJ. everyday God help those poor people, there were beheading, dis memberming, rapes and murders and this was everyday. My little town Los Colorados de Abajo, was almost empty out. I am from Tx. and when I was young I was nice to all the immigrants. But as time when on I found out that this Native American, because that is what they are, they were evil. They were not very nice. Some were hire for baby sisters and No, do not let them care for you child unless you tell them that there is a camera in the house. and this beautiful people are tough.

  5. Democrap don't want the wall because then all their illegal voters won't be able to just come over and vote for them they know that's the only way they can win and the democrap would be losing money on their drugs and human trafficking deals with the cartels when the wall is built

  6. Well…. I endorse violence on the lying press. If the fake news media continue to lie, they deserve what they get. The MSM endorses violence by not calling out the violence of the left by making excuses for these depraved people. Therefore they should get a taste of their own medicine. PUT THEM DOWN LIKE A WILD ANIMAL ATTACKING YOU. Most of the radical left are like mad animals. One example : attacking people for wearing a cap , INSANE!!!!

  7. Trump and OAN both lie. It’s not gangs, diseases, human trafficking, drugs as the primary reason we need a wall. It the over saturation of cheap unskilled labor that is killing this country and the middle class. The poor class grows everyday illegal immigrants cross. And when they have 4 or 5 kids here, all those kids don’t go to college and become part of the middle class……the vast vast majority of those kids will grow to perpetuate the environment they grew up in…….dead in jobs, SNAP welfare and section 8 housing. Our poor and poverty class will grow to snuff out and end the middle class in America.

  8. 21 more bodies were dumped two hour from the Texas border in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Illegal apprehensions are up 92% in the Rio Grande Valley, TX area! BP just arrested 1300 people in ONE GROUP—the highest EVER!!

  9. DID YOU KNOW: 80% of illegal minors are released to “sponsors” who are also here illegally? And the bill signed recently makes it nearly impossible for those minors or their “sponsors” to be deported!

  10. demonRATS only live for EU style Open Boarders they want dead white males and females and they want MUSLIMS to start the civil war nazi scumbag Dems are to pussy to start it themselves, so they bring Muslim goat fukn little girl raping cowards here. bc where in the world will you find a massive group of people willing to kill because some Muslim raped a 9 year old when she became in muslim thinking a ""women"" and is WANTING AND ALL TO WILLING TO RAPE OUR WOMEN AND GIRLS!!!

  11. Stupid "fact", that most drug smuggling attempts are caught at official entry ports. One hopes so! But what's important is how many drugs cross the border illegally NOT caught? Without a number for that, comparisons with what IS caught is meaningless.

  12. Put that b.s. reporter in a Mexican jail and he can really get to know who he is fighting to let come freely into our country. They'll just love him all over. In side and out. Lol

  13. Excellent reporting! I never knew the history of that so-called "journalist" before.
    Apparently he and Jim Acosta are in some kind of twisted competition with each other over at CNN.

  14. 'How can the stat of 'most drugs come into America do so at ports of entry ' be accurate ?….u don't know what u don't know and to take the busts that happen at ports of entry as the only way of getting the product in is some narrow thinking..I can't imagine a smart border patrol drug investigator that would limit his scope to just ports of entry ..he would only be doing a percentage of his job ..I'd fire him