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Figure Skating Drama – Part 2 – The Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Film | Olympic History

Part 2 of our coverage of the 1994 Winter Olympics concentrates on figure skating and particularly the dramatic events that surrounded the women’s individual competition, as we continue the official Olympic film of the Lillehammer Games.

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  1. You missed a lot of the story. I watched the entire thing play out. I was lucky because I did get to see Oksana on tour with Canadian Stars on Ice. Sadly being so young and now independent she got lost in the parties, the drinking, all that. She also lost her jumps. She did try to make a come back, but basically she never did get the jumps back. So much was going on in that Olympics in the world of figure skating.

  2. Seeing these women on the winning Platform Was Breath taking I could never say I had a favorite Because I loved them all. I would love to See How the Beautiful Oksana Is today The girl is A legend…

  3. It's something pathetic & crazy in russian..ukrain people..especially in ice skating and gym..looking at faces of sportifs of other countries..more relaxed ..happy smile..q

  4. Oksana deserved gold and she got gold. Nancy was alright but from the wobbly jumps (*cough* double axel…. *cough*) and the mistake in her spin at the end to the attitude she had before the medal ceremony, she really did not deserve a chance.

  5. Nancy was robbed! You all can say oksana was more graceful but her performance was very amateurish…no spin combinations, no triple combination, not Olympic quality…but pretty to look at.