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Final Thoughts: America's Broken Immigration Policy

Final Thoughts: America's Broken Immigration Policy

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I watched a video the other day about China and their border. If you cross it without permission you die. I think I also recall other European countries doing the same thing.
    I understand that it wont bee done in the US but it is a thought???

  2. For me, the issue of "our time" is the lack of knowledge concerning true and factual history of has taken place on this land from 1620 forward. to include what really took place from 1770-1791, 1860-1871, 1909-1935, and other covert events that affect us peoples currently. The borders are part of that, yet not the whole. The Vatican/Illuminati/Masonic cartel has to be dissolved/eliminated for the populace to be free. In the name of Yeshua, Amein.

  3. The Wicked ways of the democrats began when they Bood God ~ three times ~ OUT of their platform in the 2012 DNC. Since that time, look at what has and is taking place. Uncontrolled Immigration because the damned democrats need a compliant voter base. In obtaining a compliant voter base, the democrats must increase taxes, way beyond what it was before President Trump reduced it. Healthcare, as America knows it will be gone, in order to take care of the Illegal immigrants. A substantial increase in crime will soon take place, diseases, which the CDC has been warning about and the Financial and other area RUIN of The American Family. The democrats, in all of their Evil workings, are an extension of Satanism, the New World Order and support Any and ALL forms of sharia/muslim law. If anyone thinks that they are important and nothing will happen to them, keep one thing in mind. The democrats fully support Fetal Homicide and FULL TERM INFANT MURDER !!!! let THAT sink in !!!

  4. They declared war by trying to invade our country treat them as such repel all invasion forces they're the enemy send them home by deportation if they resist use Force if they still resist shoot them then send them back one way or another send them back we don't need or want them .send the military and defend our Borders… By any means necessary or the invasion will not stop 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 just remember that 80 to 90% of most countries would have taken this aggression as a hostile action and would have responded with Bullets to defend their country because if you shoot at them they will run back to where they came from because if they get in to your country they will try to change it to work with their own agendas and way of religious belief so don't be fooled or you are the fool

  5. It is because the children at the border are possible Democrat votes and the real American Baby's are more than likely a Republican Voter so they want to kill the Republican vote and boost the Democrat Vote so they can try to regain control and put us all in Slavery that is also why they want to abolish the 1st & 2nd Amendment so we can't Fight Back!!!

  6. MANUFACTRED CRSIS !  Remember not long ago the RATS and there B ! S ! Propaganda news  stations stated this !
    O Cortex and her 4th some also voted against funding $ for these locations !   If they ( RATS ) want to let them go ?  but ! where too ?
    ( Illegals )  Maybe ? send them all to a unused military base, get military surplus, cots, blankets, MREs  
    Stop all funding $ for the illegals here and in the future ! Go ARMY

  7. Declare illegal means illegal! All I.D.s should be marked Citizen or NON-Citizen. DemocRATS will break the law, subvert our laws, sneak around while sleeping with the enemy… whatever it takes to change the U.S. voting demographics forever in their favor.

  8. White privileged an oppression attacked other native peoples sovereignty. That question never gets asked. When it doesn’t involve them they don’t care about other native peoples sovereignty. When it becomes a problem for white Americans then it’s a problem. America created that problem an now it’s about to hit them smack in the face. See the hypocrisy What goes around comes around.

  9. This shit has been going on for decades. The fact that it’s taken this long to bring it to the forefront is utterly ridiculous. It’s way too late. The damage has been done.