Final Thoughts: The First Trump Veto

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. The anti-Trumpers don't mind sitting in a chamber with a Democrat majority because they use it as a fundraiser — oh, help, we're the minority, please send campaign contributions! Remember how they strong-armed Trump in 2016? They're trying it again. Just cut them off and veto — we will vote for whomever Trump tells us to in 2020. Thanks!

  2. This is all about Cocaine, elites love it and send billions of US (and Canadian) dollars south to organized crime south of the border. How dare Trump threaten the cocaine trade, it's what keeps Wall Street and Congress sharp and smart.

  3. the constitution is the supreme law of the land and nothing, or no law can supersede it. congress can't delegate its article 1 power to the executive. wonder how scotus allowed this emergency power delegation to become law of the land.

  4. You are asking the wrong question. "On what grounds is it unconstitutional?" is the right question.

    As for the answer, it isn't unconstitutional, but we all know there is an alterior motive behind their plee and we all also know they will use excuses of humanitarianism that doesn't add up to defend it on their grounds.

    Of course I know who they are really working with now I did the research. Back in Russia before and during Stallin the KVDV which you will come across the key words "Alternative Justice". Then look it up in Wikepedia and two familiar source's of departments perfectly match the description of the bill including The US department of Interior and Iministration of Justice fit the far lefts ways of life perfectly. History is indeed repeating itself, but the far left choosing to hide behind fake enviromentalism and fake made up Justice we know as Social Justice.

    They made a few donations to reserve wild life from the start to gain our trust. Now they got an alterior motive in mind. They seem to be exploiting our weaknesses for selfish gain. We have 3, we care about the civil well being of other individuals, we care about our enviroment and the life of our wildlife for the preservations of nature on Gods green Earth, and we care about the safety of others.

    Illegal immigration is a threat to others and endangers our beautiful landscapes as they litter everywhere without any disregard for their enviroments, the far leftist are hypocrites who pollute our beautiful enviroments and they are actually enslaving civil liberties we all equally possess one legistlation at a time all while using our own weaknesses against us as if we did them when they are clearly doing it right in front of our faces clear to see.

    We sit by watching them do this scratching our head's thinking "Is this really happening, where is Aston Kusher, are we being punked, please tell me they are joking and are not this stupid to think we will not do anything about it?". We are still waiting for Aston Kucher to show up, but he hasn't as of yet. Reminds me a accidentally stumbling on a gay porno tape where the woman never shows up.

  5. Yes veto away President Trump and stick it to the Democrats which are not Americans and don't know anything about the US Constitution because they don't want to follow it themselves and they think they are?