Final Thoughts: The Lame Duck Congress

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. The day Paul Ryan announced his retirement from Congress but would give up the Speaker position, was the day I knew he was deep state. swamp. corrupt.

  2. I feel sorry for Americans – they've FINALLY got a decent president, but almost everyone around him in government are frikken useless twats. If he had more support in government America could be the shining star of our planet again. But instead, its "crabs in a bucket" time 🙁

  3. Paul Ryan doesn't seem like a stable guy. He acts as though the opposing side has dirt on him from his past that he doesn't want exposed, so he plays both sides to avoid getting his secrets exposed. He comes off as a mutual type of guy who is not for either side, but will please the leftist for them not to investigate his past demeanors.