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Final Thoughts: The Mueller Investigation

Final Thoughts: The Mueller Investigation

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  1. Mueller used a scorched earth policy with no regard for fairness or people's rights. He got a few people to lie, and he uncovered a tax evasion situation (horrors). He ruined a lot of lives. His result won't be what the Democrats are screaming for, so they already subpoenaed 81 more Americans. Undoubtedly a few of them will lie to Congress and go to jail. Republicans lie. Democrats misspeak or in the case of the ancient rotting Clapper, "I was thinking of something else, so it wasn't a lie."

  2. I am sick to death of hearing that the results of mulliers so called INVESTIGATION will be released later this week. HOW many times do we hear this and another week goes by with NOTHING shown! Why, BECAUSE there is nothing, Nada, Zilch, Goose eggs, Zero to be shown by the dem assassins??!!

  3. Here are some Solutions to Government!
    01. Reduce the Size of Government by 10% a year for the Next 9 Years
    02. End all of the Warmongering around the world
    03. Close 800 Foreign Military Bases
    04. End All the "Aid" to Foreign Countries
    05. Get out of NATO and all Global Political Associations
    06. End all Tariffs and Sanctions
    07. Eliminate the "Tax Code" and Tax everyone and every company at 10% (Amounts above 50k) until the National Debt is Paid in Full then cut the rate to 5% (No Exemptions, No Subsidies)
    08. The FED shall be Abolished and the USA will go back on the Gold Standard
    09. Set a term limit of 2 terms in Congress without all of the "Benefits"
    10. Eliminate All the "Bonuses" in Government Employment/Service
    11. Sell Amtrak or Close it
    12. The US Post Office shall NOT receive any more Government Funding or Government Rules/Regulations
    13. All Federal Laws and Regulations shall be made by Congress (No Government Agency shall make Regulations or Laws)
    14. The Federal Government shall NOT provide Funds to any State (the States shall remain sovereign and Independent without Federal Pressure)
    15. A Federal Criminal LAW shall be enacted with a Mandatory Minimum for the Government Violating a Citizens Civil Rights… 5 Years in Prison and 5M Fine for each rights violation/stacked charge plus all attorney fees and expenses. (This shall apply to all Government)

    I am sure there should be more but this should take care of the vast majority of Federal, State, and Local Government Abuses!