Prime Ministers Questions – 3rd June 2015 “Enemy of aspiration”

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  1. Because his so called "housing schemes" do not work… In london people cannot afford to buy shared ownership because it's way to expensive, and as for right to buy housing association homes in cities again are way too expensive…. So therefore not affordable …. He is selling off property to his rich friends …. Harriet is right

  2. this is ridiculous as always. Cameron doesnt want to work towards a mutual understanding, he just wants to be right "the lady said:", hes such a kid. And whats up with his anti labour cruisade? They should be working together as folks elected by the people to achieve a good balance between the different demands of the people. But you find an egocentric 12 years old trying to push his popularity in a group of retarded assholes who boo and woo as they please, seeing their job as a personal career rather than a mission for the peoples interest. angry rant, out