The ioCamper is a camper developed to fit in the back of a van, able to serve as both a stand alone apartment or motor home. Running on solar power energy, the ioCamper includes four beds, a kitchen, a shower, and even a dining room.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Heyyo! I just spotted that this Camper is hungarian! It doesnt change anything, but still its cool to see hungarian people do crazy cool stuff, i thought we were only good for building walls and making Sausage, and if you're wondering how i know its hungarian, pause the video at 2:21 , there you see a Monitor that reads "11:49 szemptember 1., szombat, and thats hungarian! Wohoo!

  2. …or you could buy normal camper and you don't need to buy a van. Plus you can have passengers in your car, not in separate car, cuz you won't have space inside the van stuffed with that thing. Plus, you won't have to be afraid of accidentally crushing people inside the camper.

  3. The flaw with this design is that its solar powered…You can't have a guaranteed sustained power source with this.. especially with TVs and air conditioning… unless the solar power is hybrid with electric… in which case that's brilliant…. but solely solar power will not be efficient or convenient

  4. As cool as this seems it’s not really practical just off the size of the van is tiny most of the way space would be consumed with the compartment if you got the money for this camper I’m sure you could afford the modern day RV