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Former IDF Soldier Slams Pelosi & Ilhan Omar

Former IDF Soldier Slams Pelosi & Ilhan Omar

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Hahaha!!!
    Israel is losing it's voice, influence and it's power.
    The only people fighting on their behalf now are Double agent democrats and repubkicans with dual loyalties that have more loyalty to Israel than they do to America and will let them continue to influence legislation while Israel continues to be the puppet master behind a american politics. 不不不 No surprise here…. 89 members of congress hold dual IsraelibAmerican citizenship.
    Crazy how in America it's your constitutional right to criticize our own country, but criticizing or boycotting Israel is illegal in 23 states. 不不不

  2. Israel DF Soldier MIcha Danzig, please tamper down coming to our country telling us how to censure our own American legislators. Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish and not Anti-Semite say that Omar means NOT to be Anti-Semitic and to respect her desire for open discussion & debate which is neither Anti-Israel nor Anti-Semitism. We accept Sanders but not you. Thank you.

  3. They really think the American people are stupid. They tell us don't trust you eyes and ears just believe what we tell you. This woman is a radical Muslim who has no place in our government. Can't believe the party of Kennedy, Truman and Roosevelt is now supporting anti-Semitic proclamations that come right out of Mein Kampf

  4. Nancy Pelosi needs to be thrown out. She is NOT A LEADER but AN IDIOT. Anyone supporting Omar and Pelosi needs to be out of office. We don't need slum garbage in our Congress.

  5. Nancy Pelosi has placed a spell upon the democrats that keeps them from hearing what is said.
    Thus the democrats are able to recite the party line no matter the consequence because no matter what is said the party line is all they hear. The ends justify
    the means is an old incantation that has never served the public well yet it is deployed every day in Washington dc.. See here Chuck & Nancy placing the spell on the unsuspecting party as they travel down the road to the 2020 election. The democrats are intent on deposing the wizard Trump at any cost, but even though they might uncover his magic, still the people of the land will remember him for his good deeds and great works,

  6. Dems are self destructing in a spectacular fashion.
    So much fun to watch.
    They have pretty much alienated everyone but the super stupid.
    Omar was chosen to run for office after answering a casting call on craigslist along with the other 3 radical freshmen…

  7. I don't like Jews either or think they should hold seats in our government .. I strongly believe our government should not have any allegiance to a foreign country. For example Israel….

    What's the fking problem ?
    If the jews don't like our opinions then get the fk outta our country and take your Federal reserve with ya…… Wtf is the problem………

  8. Is it just me or is everything a "slam" nowadays? According to everyone in the media, all opposing sides of an issue are 'slamming' each other all the time. I'm getting over-slammed. It's getting kind of annoying.

  9. What's going to happen is they're going to cause a lot of bloodshed in this country just likes going on in the streets around the world that's what the Democrats want us to kill each other

  10. Pelosi of damn liar she's always been one liar Mafia Criminal because she's so see no she's going to slip up soon and say something that reveals her evil gets her thrown in prison