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Former Planned Parenthood Employee Exposes the Truth

Former Planned Parenthood Employee Exposes the Truth

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  1. Did you hear that woman say people in planned parenthood were OK with killing innocent children? There is no excuse for killing unborn babies and the fact that Planned Parenthood does it for their own profit is more than criminal. It is sanctioned genocide on a scale never before in human history.

  2. BILL# HR8
    Leave it to the Demoncraps to make a bill to punish law abiding legal responsible gun owning citizens, for the crimes of the murdering criminal in possession of illegal guns! It figures, because these same Jackass party members also execute innocent babies for the ruthless reckless sins of their evil heartless mother! 🤔😡 Hell just got that much hotter!🔥🔥🔥🔥 Just Sayin! PZD

  3. All serial killers were able to take life because they honestly believed that humans are no different than animals; kill a pig, kill a human=same thing. Ted Bundy actually told one of his victims that her life was of no more value than a pig's life and he would not deny his own pleasure because she viewed her own life as special and not something to be ripped away from her. Abortion providers will not deny a huge paycheck just because that baby wants to live and us pro-lifers think they deserve to live. Until a killer stops killing and walks away from this crime, they are a killer, and abortionists who know what they're doing and are "okay with that" are no different than Ted Bundy and other serial killers: no regard for human life and okay with murder.

  4. 2:49 we are dabbling in eugenics, and that's a very dangerous road for our society to go down? Hoe Us Americans invented eugenics and it was outlawed in the 70's that shit did not go anywhere but to the shop to get its new name which is planned parenthood. The place YOU worked!!

  5. When dumbass Americans realize what these Democrats are up to it will be way way too late why aren't American people waking up for example look what happened in New York not only abortions but everything else

  6. I really dont like how pregancies are being binned like empty crisp packets . I further dont like how people are beginning to make parents feel like gutter rats for living simple lives . Having a baby is like purchasing a new car .

  7. I do not believe in planned Parenthood. If you want a pill buy it yourself. You don't want babies keep your shut. Think of the billions of dollars we spend for someone to screw. Just wrong

  8. Still not listening to this insufferable hypocrite. How dare she condemn a process she so willingly was paid to instead of following her conscience. Her voice irks the hell out of me and so does her message. I am anti abortion period but the message coming from her literally sucks dick.

  9. Rational logic would suggest that the gender ratio of aborted babies should be about 50/50. So, I find it curious that 90% of aborted babies are male … according to NCHS statistics !

  10. If PP is a family planning, contraceptive-providing agency why are they providing abortions? If contraceptives work why would women need abortions? Women saving their fertility for a rich man to come along to pay child support? Keyword is 'planning'.

  11. Once we’ve started murdering humans why don’t we have other groups we kill ?, like
    Satan worshipping sodomizing blood drinking pedophiles, maybe its my right and
    i think theres should be an award show too..