Galaxy Note 8 VS OnePlus 5: Twice the price, twice as nice? | Pocketnow

Galaxy Note 8 skins:
Time for a price war! The Galaxy Note 8 is roughly twice the cost of the OnePlus 5. Does that make the Note8 twice as “good”? Probably not, but thankfully we can actually compare the two to see if we can grade “worth”. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs OnePlus 5!

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Galaxy Note 8 VS OnePlus 5: Twice the price, twice as nice? | Pocketnow


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  1. My note8 is still a beast.ive had zero problems in 14mth of daily's been that good of a not upgrading untill NOTE10.cos that will be a game changer.but I will definitely miss my NOTE8 been a GREAT phone

  2. 1. I’d seriously shop both phones.

    2. The Note 8 is most definitely not better in every category. The OP5’s UI will always be faster and more fluid than the Note 8.

  3. OP5: better battery, better sound quality, thinner, better performance, more durable, lower price, lighter, Dash charging
    Note 8: Better screen, better screen/body ratio, better camera, SD card, waterproof, Spen, wireless charging
    You must think what is important for you… For me OP5 is better choice!

  4. Loved the Oneplus 5 but unfortunately I had to return the Screen Jelly affect gave me motion sickness, really it did unfortunately if not I would have kept the device.

  5. @Pocketnow The tempered glass used in this video seem to be so perfect for the OP5. Could you please drop a link to purchase the same? I have used several tempered glasses on my OP5 but failed to find such a perfectly fitting one and always got thick air gaps at the edges. Kind request to you to please share the link with us.