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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is an absolutely beautiful smartphone … but it’s also absolutely impractical for a sporty lifestyle. Enter the Galaxy S6 Active, a heavyweight version of the 2015 flagship built to take tougher treatment. We covered the differences between them in a previous comparison, and now, after seven days, it’s time to render our final verdict. Join Michael Fisher for Pocketnow’s video review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active!

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Galaxy S6 Active Review: Beyond Rugged | Pocketnow


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  1. just ordered a white s6 active off amazon..this phone will be perfect for me cuz i walk to and from work every day and when it rains i wont have to worry about it getting damaged and i can text in the rain

  2. I dropped mine from my pocket in a parking lot, the glass shattered, sent to Samsung and $237 later I got it back and was useless. Sent it back to Samsung and got it back 2 weeks later. The Phone was only 1 month old. Well 2 months later it is working but it is a very different phone than it was before. It just doesn't work like it did.

  3. This phone is NOT durable. After four months of owning it a simple drop to the kitchen floor broke the screen making the phone entirely unusable. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Samsung and AT&T have been absolutely no help. They want to charge me around $200 to fix it even though it is under warranty and I have insurance on it.

  4. I unexpectedly discovered that my GS6 (normal SM-G920I) has VoLTE (bear in mind I am a Singaporean running under Singtel) and I am very impressed, it only took milliseconds just to get the recipient ringing, and the fact that coverage is godlike in my area means VoLTE everytime. I can't wait to see how I can pay with just the GS6 in public transport.