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Gary Johnson Feels 'Horrible' About His 'What Is Aleppo?' Gaffe

Gary Johnson Feels 'Horrible' About His 'What Is Aleppo?' Gaffe

We spoke to Gary Johnson off-set after he asked “What is Aleppo?” during a live TV interview. “I’m incredibly frustrated with myself,” he said.

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  1. He doesn't know shit about Syria…. he's just regurgitating what he was educated live on TV. A presidential candidate should be extremely well informed not just of domestic issues but also on key international geopolitics.

  2. So, now it's a choice between someone who put State Department/national top secrets through a completely unsecured server without so much as a free Zone Alarm firewall on it, then wiped that server clean (including all traces of 30,000 mailings that she knew would criminally implicate her, added to a mounting body count surrounding her going back to Vince Foster, as well as more scams and scandals involving her and her husband going back decades) or someone who couldn't find Aleppo on a map to save his life, or someone who'd bomb the crap out of Aleppo first, and then ask questions later? Hmm. Of these, which of them seems like the lesser of three evils to you?

  3. this is nothing compared to the corruption and half truths spoken by the major party candidates. The president doesn't make decisions by himself in a vacumn. It is refreshing to hear a politician admit he doesn't have all the answers

  4. He's still got my vote, without a doubt. He does know what Aleppo is, if any of you didn't catch that, he just blanked. He is human. Unlike other candidates, he didn't all of a sudden change his stance on something or out right lie to us. Idiocracy is what this world is coming to and it's only going to get there quicker if Trump or Hillary is elected. It's unfortunate that people can't see what's good for our nation as a whole versus what they want changed due to their own personal opinions and ignorance. I can't seem to find one intelligence response on here regarding why Johnson shouldn't be elected other than you think he's an idiot or that he stumbled on this one question. He is the most intelligent and sincere candidate and I hate that people can't see that. Get your heads out of the sand!

  5. I appreciate his forthrightness and humility. That being said, a prospective president should know these things.
    Sure, the word "Aleppo" isn't crucial, but it indicates a lack of knowledge and familiarity with one of the world's biggest issues for over the past few years.

  6. My sense is that people are more upset that he told the truth than that he didn't know what it was. When other politicians make stuff up, or pretend like they know all the answers (Trump being the biggest offender), as long as they look and sound like they are tough and confident, that's more acceptable than admitting to a mistake apparently. In fairness, anyone running for President should have known this but I appreciate the fact that he didn't try to spin it any other way. That doesn't mean I will vote for him but whether or not this error is significant should be viewed in the context of his overall knowledge and understanding and the entirety of his record and campaign.