A riot against mass migration erupts in Germany after two Islamic migrants allegedly killed a local resident in the town of Chemnitz. One America’s Kristian Rouz reports.

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  1. The only thing I am unable to get my head around is why so few people confuse white pride with white power? Pride for your ethnicity doesn't label you as a racist unless you're white. Personally I am proud of all the ethnicities I have in my bloodline German, Irish, Scottish. So what if they happen to be white? I don't tell any other ethnic groups not to be proud of their ancestry. Yes white power is usually racist not white pride.

    So Germany stand up and take pride, take back your country and I say to hell with what the world may think as long as you protect your own!

  2. I'm from Germany. Nobody wants the mass immigration in Germany. Here in Germany, there is no freedom of expression. When you're against the refugees, you're a Nazi in the eyes of the media. Anyone who supports the AfD (anti-immigration party) is defamed as a Nazi. Please help us to stop this!
    We are not Nazis! We are only against the immigration policy and Merkel! We want the Merkel disappears. She is a traitor in the eyes of the Germans!
    The German media and TV channels lie to us Germans!

  3. And how do you know who's right or who's left you said 04 right radical left like you don't even know who these people are but yet you report as if you've talked to everybody and ask them if they were far left or far right when you don't even know people are getting real tired of the news media including Fox including you guys labeling people

  4. Stop calling everybody who is concerned about Mass immigration anti-migrant that is not the point nobody is anti-migrant you just keep saying this stupid labels we don't even know what the hell you're talking about

  5. its mostly white European men with less or no education, low lives, narrow minded extremists and this problem started with Euooean women taking interest in immigrants skin colour

  6. its mostly white European men with less or no education, low lives, narrow minded extremists and this problem started with Euooean women taking interest in immigrants skin colour

  7. Antifa want to protest the protest of murdered man who helped a woman who was being groped? Wtf is up with these stupid leftist fucks? Move all rapefullgees into Left only area's! Meaning the posh area if they love them so much!

  8. It's The Illuminati, The Council of 13, The Committee Of 300, The Khazarian Mafia and they're Evil Kalergi Plan. The Rothschilds, The Rockefeller Family, The Soros Family, The Warburg Family, The Schiff Family, The Morgan Family and The Oppenheimer Family.

  9. The Facts :
    There was no 'dispute between several people' in Chemnitz.
    It was cold blooded and planned muder committed by ten armed migrants against 3 non-armed citizens.
    It started as an attempt of robbery when 3 migrants approached the 3 citizens in front of a bank where one of them just had drawn some cash. The citizens defended themselves against the robbers. They came back with 7 more migrants and started slashing away immediately out of revenge. Daniel Hillig was stabbed 24 times and bled to deat. The other citizen was stabbed oin the head and still tried to save Daniel by pressing on his wounds. The other one was cowardly stabbed several time in his back. Both severely wounded and in hospital. 2 migrants, a Syrian rat and another one from Irak who is a reported violent criminal and drug-trafficker are currently in jail for that.
    There has been an ongoing series of similar knive crimes committed by migrants against German citizens within the last 18 months and a shocking series of rapes committed by migrants. Now the public has responded and the lying mass media is fabricating the news, falsificating facts and agitating hysterically against "Nazis on the streets".

    Chemnitz is the beginning now. Resistance is growing.
    Merkel will fall ! Reconquista has started !

  10. Feminists and Liberal white women secretly want to be gang raped by Alpha male refugees because they're sick of the BETA white male cuckolds in their culture they have “DESTROYED”. Now you know everything you need to know about Feminists and White Females. Western White women absolutely love being desired and raped by sub-Saharan Africans, Muslims, MS-13, and Islamist Terrorists. White men have to face the facts that “WESTERN WHITE” WOMEN want this.

    Western/Northern European and North American women are dirty sluts anyways,
    they don't find sleeping with many men, gangbangs with
    Arabs, and Africans, (Heidi Klum & Elin Nordegren
    for example etc.) fornicating & adultery dirty, fisting and
    getting pissed on dirty. But they find sex molesting dirty ?
    It makes no difference if they were molested or raped, and
    they loved being raped by Islamists and Africans.
    Those Feminist British/German/Swedish/French
    sluts enjoyed it and now fantasize about it.