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Going to See a Lot More Tariffs Going Forward, Says Rabobank’s Every

Going to See a Lot More Tariffs Going Forward, Says Rabobank’s Every

Jun.11 — Michael Every, head of financial markets research for Asia-Pacific at Rabobank, discusses the U.S.-China trade negotiations and where he sees the talks heading. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.”

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  1. Wisdom & patience….we don't have presidential election in China. You in the U.S can't fix the economy before the election …you are gone!👋🏻
    China's economy is actually accelerating even faster. That's the only way to defeat the bully.

  2. Huawei already wins 46 global 5G contracts, that is NO1. Trump's ban failed. If the trillions dollars loser Trump threats president Xi, U.S will lose more money. Trump has shown hands,but China's retaliation is just a beginning.Trump is NOT a people CAN be TRUSTED.

  3. One need to realized that one simply do not negotiate with trump. You either bow and bend over and gives him what he wants or don't. Trump just don't realized that no country is going to kowtow to him. China will just wait trump out rather than kowtow. Xi is made leader for life unlike trump that has to worry about reelection. Seems trump is more desperate for a deal than Xi.
    By the way anyone here beside me think tariff is pretty useless when the cheapest product on the shelf is still " made in china " even after the tariff? No one in the US buy " made in china" cos they want to, they buy it cos its cheap so they are still going to buy " made in china" if its still the cheapest tariff or not.
    And every single cent of the tariff will be paid by consumer that buy " made in china" in the US, China do not pay a single cent. Yes US is taking in a lot of money from the tariff but from who? US consumer it would seem.

  4. governance by threatening tweets … really china will play … exactly correct Trump has only alienated his (bro?) … Trump has not done one deal anywhere yet … nor will … but the markets might crash … that's a real probablitiy … cash and gold look good … the inverted yield curve … not so much …

  5. chinese economy is not in serious trouble, its fine and will do fine. I think what he is saying applies to the usa. The usa economy is in serious trouble and was so before this trade spat, and this just makes it worse…duh.

  6. I think China has realized that Trump doesn't do deals that can be trusted. I don't think they want to join in on the "follow the bouncing ball" with Trump's every changing word and tweet as most of the western world seemed to be doing.