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Google and HTC have just entered into a new and very different collaboration partnership. The news yesterday went a little haywire with the possibility of Google acquiring HTC. For those of us that have followed the industry, HTC is one of the few pioneers left, so it makes sense for us to worry about seeing it go. It turns out that this is actually a new Win-Win partnership between both companies, and before I spend most of the Pocketnow Daily on just one topic, I think this warrants a separate video.

Watch our video as we go through the facts that we’ve just learned.

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Google + HTC partnership explained: Win-Win it seems | Pocketnow


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  1. Google was stimulating competition and promoting Android when it was licensing out Nexus and Pixels and producing Google versions of flagship phones.I think that was the best strategy when you own the OS. A threaten Samsung with 70% can easily split the Android universe with the their own app store.

  2. Great news! Bn wanting to upgrade to htc u11 from Samsung S6. My only problem was not knowing if it would be a simple upgrade. Now, with Google in the frame it should be easy!! Yay! 👌

  3. Google is not a quality oriented in hardware where as HTC taking quality of it's components this will also will be failure combination HTC and google both different in hardware .

  4. …I would like to see HTC continue on… I'm absolutely amazed with the overall experience with my HTC 10 even after a year of heavy use, and would like to upgrade to another HTC device in a few more years when what I have eventually dies… Hopefully, I can stretch the 10 out, just like those still rocking M7s and M8s do now!

  5. Hmmm HTC halving their engineering staff doesn't sound like much of a win. Yeah, they won't go belly up, but there's a difference between winning and surviving.

  6. Great deal for both companies….on paper….it will be interesting to see how both companies do in the coming year. I'm curious to what non exclusive IP Google is now privy to. Must have been something big.

  7. I think you failed to mention that the very first Android phone was built by HTC. The G1. Great phone and way ahead of it's time. Loved the color changing scroll ball. And the wallpaper.

  8. Am I the only one who see this as a total bailout?! One, HTC gets a bunch of money for nothing. Two, Google takes on the salary of half a division. And finally, it looks like they get to port anything Google comes up with the phones. Please tell me how this isn't a better than the US government bailing out banks.

  9. Love HTC. Fell in love with them with the HTC evo v 4g , I love HTC hope this helps them get back on track, their legends and I wouldn't b able to stand it if they left

  10. Maybe Google can get htc back to the days of M7. Since then I think they've completely lost the plot and and have come up with one failure after another. None of their phones has actually felt complete since. I bought the m9 after m7 only to be disappointed with the camera and battery. And every phone since then has just looked too bland or downright ugly since. No better company than Google to help them get their shit back together.

  11. I hope this works out because I love HTC phones and I have the U11 and am always excited to see what HTC has next coming out hopefully with Google's help they can build great phones and get some advertising out there.

  12. I hope that updates come lot faster to these phones like i have htc u play and its in fucking marshmallow like wtf??? Amd this phone was launched with u ultra…