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Google motivated by politics to stop 'fake news'

Google motivated by politics to stop 'fake news'

Google is coming under fire after a leaked email from a company employee exposes the real reason behind the tech giant’s mission to stop fake news. One America’s Jack Posobiec sat down with a Breitbart reporter, who shared the political motivations of Google’s organized effort.

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  1. What a joke, they wanted to stop the TRUTH. Trump won because he was by far the better candidate. Anybody would have won against Jezebel who stood against him. If Bernie had stood he may have won over Trump, he was cheated out of the race by the witch. However praise God that Trump won he has proved to be the best of the best that could have been elected. He was an unknown in a way. If Bernie stands again he will have no show against Trump. MAGA 2020

  2. Google is liberally oppressive. Time for a non political, free speech alternative. Google has no right to interfere in news, private opinion or political speech. Ban google.

  3. To those who monitor our responses (and we know you do), TAKE HEED! We, the people, have had enough. You're one step away from being classified as a 'Public Utility' and thus subject to 'Federal' control and regulations. If I were you I would be very careful in how you conduct your operations (in regards to Free Speech, Censorship and First Amendment rights). This is not a game. Actions have consequence's.

  4. They get to decide what's fake thought right? Every news outlet has got caught reporting on fake stories at this point. Even the cops in England fell for the momo video thing. Then there was the Ho Lee fuk bang ding ow guys and so and so on

  5. Google, YouTube, Facebook, aren't these products of capitalism? Why would they want the Dems to win with their socialist, Marxist agenda? They would be controlled. They just have to be fair and not manipulate the people. God is great. God is good. Evil will lose. Evil intentions will fail.. God help the USA.

  6. Time for class action litigation against the Media & Social Media for voter manipulation, ( 93% negative coverage of Trump) is the real media ( COLLUSION & VOTER SUPPRESSION! Freedom of the press is not freedom to indoctrinate in left wing politics.

  7. During the elections I googled 'Trump Tweets' and got all negative tweets from news agencies before his twitter account showed up. Did the same for Hillary and her twitter page was top, then her campaign page, etc. Totally biased.

  8. Not fighting to stop fake news if they were the left media would be scrutinized and stopped. They want to stop "Fact" news the opposite of the lefts FAKE news.

  9. "Hate speeches" if this be the case, then 90% of comments on YouTube will be blocked, as many people voice their "opinions" of their "dislike" of a subject, a group of people, a service etc.
    Anything spoken as being a dislike can all be looked at as a "hate speech".
    Example: I firmly do not like people like Ilhan Omar, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, Camel Harris, Cory Booker, Bob Menendez, Tlaib, Dip Romney, Jeff Flake and others who have zero regard to the safety of the citizens of the USA.
    They support diversity of the worst kind. Anyone with moral values would not support these people, be you a Democrat or Republican