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Gov. Gavin Newsom Fails on Border Security

Gov. Gavin Newsom Fails on Border Security

California is pushing hard against President Trump on everything from border security to the economy, with far-left Governor Gavin Newsom leading the charge. A fact check, however, proves California’s latest governor was wrong about pretty much everything in his State of the State address. One America’s Pearson sharp explains.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Gavin Newsom cannot be trusted, because he is really deceitful. Gavin Newsom was exposed as a vile, dirty, rotten scoundrel and a despicable homewrecker for betraying his best friend Alex Tourk behind his back. Gavin Newsom had an adulterous affair with Alex Tourk's wife Ruby Rippey-Tourk when Alex and Ruby were married and parents to their young son. Alex Tourk was Newsom’s campaign manager and deputy chief of staff and Ruby Rippey-Tourk was Newsom's appointments secretary. Alex and Ruby divorced after the terrible treachery and sordid scandal caused by Gavin Newsom who humiliated his best friend into a cuckold. See how Gavin Newsom's San Francisco Sanctuary City has deteriorated into a Shithole with squalid streets infested with disgusting piles of stinking human feces & littered with contaminated syringe needles from drugged out junkies @ See brazen robberies on the streets of San Francisco @ & @

  2. I'm in Caifornia. My car insurance just got raised $20. Asked why, the rep told me, "Due to California's over-population and growing incidents of uninsured accidents." Translation — ILLEGAL ALIENS !!

  3. Since President Trump took office I've been waiting for Democrats to fix California. To see if they can take care of 1 state. But I see they can not clean up California how can they run 50 states.

  4. Americans best put their boots on..
    our government is too much anti American these days
    this democratic party, has sol American people. out..
    this is too much..

  5. what a waste of air space, he is a chip off the family block,I am a 6th generation Ca, and I do not live there any more it now an armpit of the USA. The Democrats have messed the state up really bad.


  7. Great reporting! No, superb reporting, OAN! Nothing like unmasking the lies of the progressives, who cannot seem to get anything good correctly. Looks as if Newsom had nothing right and has lied through his teeth. Politicians lie but Newsom gets the award. I too would leave the State but it would be simpler to banish the governor to Gitmo for a good number of years to come.

  8. Newsome has failed as a mayor, Lt governor, and is failing as governor of California. Where in the world with a resume. like his and he still gets promoted. Wake up California

  9. It doesn't matter who you vote in California democrats always win and pass more laws that affect the working people and increase taxes and taxes on everything we can't live like this to much longer

  10. You forgot to mention that Newsom gave an organization called rapid response in San Diego 25 million dollars to help the illegals aliens that cross to usa I think that was in January 2019

  11. America these Corrupted Demonrats must get kicked out of office and thrown in Prison.Democrats KKK Pelosi Evil schemes have been exposed Americans are Woke to their Corruption and destruction for USA this Kkk racist Governor Newson is a Liar who steals American Taxpayers money on Criminal illegal immigrants Newson is a greedy Conniving crook who can't be trusted and thrown in Prison along with his Crazy Kkk dizzy auntie Sea Horse face Pelosi gtfoh !!!

  12. I haven't seen Democrats do anything but fail for several years. Get out of California while you are still young enough to make and save some money to retire. Gavin is a bad joke that acts like a little kid. Thank you Mr. Sharp.

  13. The only problem with these people fleeing the People's Republic's behind The Blue Curtain is when they bring there Socialist voting to free states. This is a threat to the rest of the country. We don't need any more Socialist willfully ignorant, fellow travelers and "useful idiots" we have more than we need already. Stay in the workers paradise you voted in and enjoy the consequences of your voting choices.