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  1. You forget one MAJOR point. The pictures of the kids you and ALL the other news services used were taken DURING OBAMA'S administration. The facilities under Trump are much nicer and he's reunited all the families possible. How is it wrong to separate those families, but ok to do it to American families if one parent goes to jail? Many of the children brought in that are with people other than their parents are often raped and even abandoned when the "escort" sees the need to evacuate the area in a speedy manor. (Run from the law)
    I love the way you present your position on things! Great job, keep it up!

  2. Set up several .50 cal Machine Guns along the border. And several extras around the homes of scum like SHOOOMER. MADD MAXI PADS. PULOUSY. OVOMIT. BIG MIKE. KILLERY. BILLYBONER. AND the rest of the DEEP DARK SWAMP! MAGA!

  3. I saw kids in cages on my way to work ,heart breaking , oh wait those fenced in areas were called tennis courts
    funny how perspective can change how we see things .

  4. what do people think America can do for them that they can't do for themselves in their home lands country? Why not vote out the suppressors and vote in the types of people and vote for the types of laws that we have here in America vote for them in your own home countries? Instead of the WHOLE WORLD coming to America. Make your own country like America. You got computers. You got phones. You got presidents and rights to vote. if not stand up like you do here in the streets of America but in your own home countries. I just don't get it. If you need help, ask the American Military to help change the minds of your oppressive President. They like taking them guys out, ask Iraq , Germany and many more in history. But, don't come to America and try to change this country into your Home country plz. We don't want to have to one day Run and escape tyranny and oppression here in America like you had to or feel the need to do.

  5. Did she say, legalize dreamers and chain migration? what?I thought trump didn't like chain migration. Because the whole country would come in here saying that they are family members to someone, like they have been doing, with them having no papers to prove who they are.

  6. How about ya ask a real question! Like Where is Child Protective services in all of this? If a citizen parent of the USA were to endanger the lives of their child in the commission of a crime they would lose that child immediately!!! These illegal immigrant parents either cross the border in the desert or Rio Grand putting themselves and their children in Mortal danger. Some even give their kids to human traffickers. Where is CPS?

  7. Separating them makes no sense and I'm wondering why they're doing that bc it seems like it's be easier for their mothers to take care of them than hiring someone else. What's gonna happen to these kids. It's a scary situation.

  8. LIBTARDS,create all these issues, time after time, virtual signalling, lying, supporting massive injustice, then crying about absurd fabricated issues they are responsible for, then the republicans left to pickup the cost and fix spoiled ROTTEN JUVENILES, THAT GET CAUGHT WITH THE COOKIE JAR IN THEIR ROOM…PATHETIC

  9. The "policy" of separating children from their parents who crossed illegally was starting by Bill Clinton in 1997, and it continued with Bush and Amabo – it's not Trump's policy – FAKE NEWS – he's just cleaning up the past administrations' bubble gum off the sidewalk.