Here's what caffeine does to your body and brain

Caffeine is the most commonly used pyschoactive drug in the world. It’s known for that pick-me-up it gives. However, it has several other effects on the human body.

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  1. everything you just said is the opposite for me. coffee makes my head hurt, distracts me, cannot focus, makes me sleepy, and gives me heart burn. They should prohibit coffee. coffee will hurt you more than it helps you, drink tea instead you foolish people

  2. yeah and coffee is a diuretical drink, if you drink 1 cup of coffee you need to drink 3 glass of water to balance it, or you'll be dehydrated. coffee is an addiction, its real.

  3. I use to get migraines when I stopped drinking coffee, but if you start going onto tea instead then start cutting how much tea you have down and the. Eventually stopping it makes it a lot easier

  4. Paradoxically, caffeine can greatly help people with ADHD. I know from experience.
    It kind of makes sense, because ADHD drugs like ritalin and adderall are also stimulants.

  5. At least it is only legit drug know to human kind around the world that has no "shame" attach to it and I never heard the term coffeehead. I normally used to drink green tea with no sugar, lately I have been drinking coffee simply makes me focus more. I guess I need to go back to my green tea before I become coffeehead. 🙂

  6. With regards to pre-workouts, the people who are taking these are typically doing so because they are trying to be even more fit. Consider that along with the caffeine, coffee contains other phytochemicals that co-evolved with people. There's a great chance that coffee, that body can make use of, compared to pre-workouts which are a few chemicals made by man to sell. Said another way, pre-workouts are the nutrient devoid version of coffee. If you have evidence for or against this idea, please comment.