Watch all the highlights now as Manchester United Women beat London Bees 5-0 in the FA Women’s Championship

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Please FA should approve the blend of ladies and gents. These girls would be better than many undeserving underperforming guys from the men team.
    I would have many of them instead.

  2. Casey Stoney For Man United Male Team Manager….
    In mere months she's developed a team with a coherent style, approach and attacking philosophy…..
    Something Mourinho has failed to do in 3 Years!!!!!

  3. Shame to our Men's senior team…totally shame and De Gea will be begging to swap to this side….bring in Giggsy and Scholes…and get rid of those high paid wannabees from our Male Team..

  4. Imagine the women's team, the men's under 18 and 23 win their respective leagues and who ends up not winning any thing, the men's senior team. Well I would not be shocked or surprised if it ends up like that come end of the season. Worse still liver pool winning the league or city again.

  5. The women team is literally destroying opponents. Much OP.
    This is a newly assembled team.
    Why were these players not get recruited by current(prior to utd forming a team) established teams?