Hillary Clinton Calls for a ‘National Service Reserve’

Sept. 30 — At a speech in Florida, Hillary Clinton announced a national service program aimed at millennials. In the fifth installment of her “Stronger Together” speeches, the Democratic nominee said she wants to strengthen the culture of service in the United States. She called for the creation of a National Service Reserve of five million people around the country, as well as tripling the size of AmeriCorps.

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  1. By national service, she means governmental service. That particular government is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. She is a wicked woman, may all the light of the universe burn away and transmutate all that holds her. Metatron, where you at?!

  2. How can I get people to join my crazy plot? I know! Young people are drowning in debt from college loans! Instead of trying to solve that problem I'll use it as leverage! I'm the most noble president there ever was!

  3. I recall when the National Service stopped in England: guys were never the same if they didn't take the training. It really turns boys into men. It is so important that everybody learns self discipline.

  4. We have our military and national guard and police Dept our police reserve what fucking more do we need??unless you plan on implementing martial law

  5. Somewhere, there's a patio lawn-chair with missing upholstery.
    Okay. I've had my little joke. This sounds pretty good, to me. The first thing either of those two have said that I can get behind.

  6. she destroyed 10s of thousands of federal documents after being supoenad . Destroyed 13 ppones with government info on them- She is sick as a dog and is not fit to be in this position. Nixon erased 18-19 minutes of a audiotape and had to resign. Hillary and her cast of enablers got immunity., This is what Americans are sick of.

  7. Hillary wants USA civilians to make a high impact "contribution" domestically to our country ….all while keeping their day jobs. other countries of the UN do this. My niece tried to sign up for the Navy after graduating highschool but they had no openings except for MP's. this stands for Military police. which means, to me, martial law. how does the US not need navy officers?