A brief history of the big events which lead up to Brexit from rebates to Boris Johnson.

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  1. Back in 1996 Tony liar Blair almost said he would offer us a referendum on the European Soviet union , I had a chat with a lady who I worked with asking would she want to be part of the European Soviet union her answer was that she didn't know what the European Soviet union was all about after I explained it all she said she would vote to leave , unfortunately Tony liar Blair was all talk and fake smile's.

  2. 2004 was the key year.  With the enlargement and many unsuitable former communist countries being allowed membership, encouraged by the feeble Labour government.  These corrupt and economically weak countries triggered a stampede of immigration the citizens of West Europe didn't want, and didn't ask for. 

    Instead of an economic union based on co-operation and friendship it's now a fully fledged federal state with global ambitions.  Thank god the British people had the courage to emphatically reject it!