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Many people of today’s generation don’t know where their food comes from, nor how it’s produced. This presents many health problems in today’s society. Farmbot Genesis is a project to alleviate such concerns. It is an open source robot which enables users to grow food for themselves โ€” minus the labor.

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  1. commercialize here in Brazil with the software and manuals of operations and montages all translated into Portuguese, can come commercialize here in Brazil that will be very welcome, very well accepted and very well spread

  2. Imagine if this thing had a few more sensors and an A.I, that would be cool. It could micro manage environmental conditions and nutrient levels all whilst being completely adaptive and dynamic. It could continuously lean about the plants and how they respond to changes in the environment. Adaptive companion gardening for pest control and microbial diversity. A lot of possibilities, would be a cool project.

  3. I love to garden and have become handicapped almost stuck in bed all day handicapped. The idea this could automatically weed water plant is terrific and would be something I would be interested in. But the quality durability esp here in Central Alaska for someone on social security alone is one GIANT GAMBLE. See All I wrote below. IF this could work on a stacked shelf garden where it could do several rows moving up and down levels. And also the height barrier makes Tomatoes a problem. I am looking for more than salad. I really like salads, but cabbages take around 90 -110 days so you would want to grow 12-18 that is an entire row. So you get my drift. Potatoes Onions beens cucumbers. Possibly strawberries. This begins to take a lot of space if you want to grow what you will eat for monthes. Some things cold store most do not. So now I look and think about the limits and what might be done.

  4. IF this could be used in vertical farming able to move up and down in a stack some six or eight rows high. You might have something. The scale one unit works is inefficient to say the least. And then the GIANT question is durability. How many hours is it designed for in its lifespan. 500 hours of moving back and forth. 1000 hours 5000, 10,000 the rails and plastic guides and tool bits will wear out. Then their are the plastic replacement parts. Is the box where the cpu is — waterproof. What about heat. Gardens get up to 120 degrees they have to be vented etc etc etc. I live in Alaska one winter storage breaks down all plastic parts where they are pemanantly weakened Plastic in spring then peels and cracks. Many companies send products here to see how they fare. And here that means store in a unheated shed. Big Questions this is an unseen buy by faith item for 2500-3500 dollars Fairbanks Alaska is the place many things are sent to test durability. Not everyone lives in California or Virginia. R

  5. Interesting. Imagine a one kilometer row of salads stacked side by side in one kilometer wide and several of these robots provide daily seeding, watering, weeding and harvesting on energy from solar panels. This will be done with no pesticides or herbicides. Food will become cheaper and more healthy. I even can predict a concept of true virtual farmer, where a person could control this robot for a joy of a game. Like we do grow carrots on FB game. But I have no doubts that AI on its own would be a way better farmer and more efficient, than a man it self. If you fear this, than you are not ready to accept this change.

  6. This technology is extremely important. Do not understand the comments against it. What's not to love about automated food production in the hands of We The People, rather than corporations?

  7. I just signed in to like this!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope the world builds more robots to expand the green cover and help everyone on the planet so that no living creature goes hungry. Lets make this planet beautiful again!!