How Amazon Arranges Its Warehouses

If you live in one the 27 cities where Amazon offers their Prime Now service, you can have tens of thousands of items delivered to your door in an hour.

However, on a recent visit to Amazon’s Manhattan Prime Now location, we got a peek at how they stock their shelves — and it looks like a total mess. However, there’s a perfect reason why it looks that way, and it’s part of the reason you can get your order in just an hour.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Sounds pretty stupid to me. If you put similar goods together, the computer always knows the fastest way to pick them up and ship them without making any calculations.

  2. Does cleaning chemical products get stored next to facial products, and next to a bag of chips, and in the same shelf of a kids stuffed animal? It's effective for how they grab orders sure, but only because of the help of computers and robots. What is the contingency plan when on one hour, a particular scanner or equipment is down? Lol… Can the people still manually ship out orders effectively and figure where things are by paper..

  3. Yeah but do you know how shitty the pay and working conditions are for the amazon warehouse workers? The pay is absolute shit, you get very few breaks, and have to run around to keep the "Amazon pace" as they call it. There's no wonder there is a high warehouse worker turnover rate.