High jumper Dick Fosbury surprises the world and revolutionized the jump with his “Fosbury Flop” at the Olympic Games Mexico City 1968.

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  1. Its a useless technique though.
    Try applying it to everyday life, running away from a wild dog – o i will just frozby flop over this fence AND SNAP MY BACK IN TWO when i land on the GROUND

  2. He is a feckin genius. He knows enough to start before others developed techniques similar to his, and when to stop when his secret was out.

    Quite like my brothers, they always pulled tricks on me in video games but when I finally learned the secret they always rejected any remathes.

  3. It was an exciting thing to see the new high jumpers. I was a high jumper in high school (1972-75) and the old method was still being used. The trouble was there were no coaches available to teach the new technique.