SmartFlower is an intelligent “sunflower” that will “bloom” to produce clean solar energy. By tracking the sun from east to west, it aims to be more efficient than regular solar panels.

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How This Company Is Reimagining Solar Energy

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. It would have been nice if they gave just a rough estimate of what one unit would actually produce in kilowatts of energy, so it can be estimated of how much one flower could produce for an entire household percentage of total consumption.

  2. This is idiotic, the weird shape of the panels does not allow 100% efficiency of placement of the cells to begin with. there's gaps where there's no cell at all. And there's been dual axis solar trackers for decades literally. A rectangular or Square panel allows for 100% placement of solar cells per surface area and if you put a traditional dual-axis tracker on that it will beat this hands down.

  3. The average solar panel system cost around 10K give or take, this contraption costs three times as much, not to mention that it has greatly reduced surface area due to it's smaller size and circular shape. Furthermore, considering all the frequently moving parts, you can bet that this gimmick will break down or require service every few years. So, in actuality, this is just a cheap niche product bought by rich naive people or large organisations who want to "appear" environmental.

  4. This is great, but its already done large scale by Crescent Dunes, a solar farm in Nevada – which started in 2014. A similar project is already under construction in Port Augusta (Australia) called the Aurora project.

  5. I believe its been many years already since there have been solar panels that move together with the sun.The only new thing here it is in the form of a flower.

  6. How is this any more efficient than the flat sun tracking panels we already have? You are wasting space and over complicating a product just to make it look like a flower.