Josh goes through a few customization options you might not have realized are in the current generation of Samsung’s smartphones. Oh, and there’s that easy to use GIF maker, too!

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  1. And this is why I switched to android. I know iOS is more stable and more powerful but it was so…. meh. No use of all that power. Note is soooo FUN. Unlimited amounts of customisation, I can use my SD cards, the pen is cool, battery is awesome and I'm trying to learn manual mode.
    P.S.- can you make a video on how to use manual mode properly. It will really be very helpful 😁

  2. As soon as I read the title I thought:

    The only way to make it yours is to shell out a month's rent on it. At least it's IP rated for when you sleep outside that month

  3. I never customised my screen wallpaper.
    Tip : best background is
    Pitch black 🖤 wallpaper (Free from Aps store – No Ads!) as the icons really then standout. Imagine a blackboard ⬛
    It will even prolong your battery 🔋 as less pixel light 🚦 up! 👆