How to remember everything you learn

How many times have you thought you could remember something and end up entirely forgetting what it was? This isn’t uncommon behavior, and you could improve your memory by training and adopting certain techniques.

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  1. this doesn't help on any science majors, this is basically like middle/elementary school classes where you just memorize a bunch of shit. good try tho @Tech Insider lmao.

  2. I use this method called the Memory Palace. It's a mnemonic technique that Memory Champions (yeah that's a real thing) use to remember almost anything that's not numbers. So basically you find a location in your head, like your house, and you fill it with a bunch of crazy and memorable images that relate to what you want to remember. The weirder the better.

  3. ask any of the Indian student they will give you a perfect answer how to remember.
    becoz in foreign when you born you start football and we Indians start to learn theory's of big chapter😏