How to tell if you need glasses

If you’ve never worn glasses before, it’s tough to know if you should be wearing them. Symptoms can include blurriness, a veil over your vision or spots in your eyes. But there are hidden dangers that have no symptoms that you should definitely be concerned about.

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  1. Holy crap. I have trouble reading the board at school and I also have that weird flashing lights at the corner of my eyes! I always thought it was just normal or my eyes are just having trouble focusing. So does this mean I need glasses?

  2. If you have glasses but dont wear them, please do because from 3 to 4 years your gonna have a lazy eye and your vision will be even worse. If you dont wanna look like fetty wap, please wear your glasses. Dont be embarrassed to wear them because you think someone will make fun of yoy because just know they are just helping you see what you have to see. So please wear your glasses if you have them or youll get a lazy eye in 3 or 4 years

  3. I've been to an optician and she told me that i need glasses even thought i passed the eye test and i didn't had problems reading or reading from the board, i went to a new doctor and she told me that my eyes are fine and that i don't need glasses.

  4. So since many people are sharing their "glasses" story, I guess I'll do it too..

    So when I was a kid, at age 2 or 3, we found out that my eyesight was REALLY bad. So I had to use glasses.
    But stupid ass me didn't like the glasses, and felt bullied and unliked by them. So I threw them so they broke, and put them in the trashcan. When my parents asked where they were, I panicked and told them that someone must have thrown it in the trash. My parents told the school, and my teacher talked about it in front of everyone. It was a serious case since glasses actually are kind of expensive.. Almost everyone came over to me and asked If I were allright, and it was like I was bullied Victim. While I was sitting there and could barely see anything because my glasses were gone.

  5. My eyes are perfectly fine but I can’t read words. Every time I have to read something I always squint. I had glasses when I was little but they they said that I didn’t need them anymore so hopefully at some point this week I’ll get my eyes checked. Also everyone else in my family have glasses except for me lol

  6. Is it just me but this happens a lot where whatever I’m looking at becomes double but then after 5 seconds he goes back, is that have to do with focusing

  7. i have glasses coz idk i was born with it IDK DONT ASK WHY COZ EVEN THE DOCTOR DOSENT KNOW OK?!??! and im gonna get braces too… ma gad idk how people will react in my school everyone is nice and nerd means dumb in my country sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo u cant really call me anything