How To Use The iPhone's New Spam-Call-Blocking Feature In iOS 13

Do you get a lot of robocalls? iOS 13 has a new feature that lets you easily block robocalls on your iPhone. Turn on Silence Unknown Callers to stop getting spam calls on your iPhone.


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How To Use The iPhone’s New Spam-Call-Blocking Feature In iOS 13

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Wait but if there’s a new number that for example might be your friend with a new phone trying to call you but then you have the silencer on, so then you’d miss the call. How is this going to fix it, if it’s causing another problem?

  2. I want the phone app to block all these calls not in my contacts, not silence them…I have a blocking feature that does what this feature does and I use it now…Apple should make it that a user gets NO indication or voice mail from a blocked caller or unknown caller, geez how hard is that? neuter these phone spoofers and hackers by not letting them in my front door at all! OH btw this needs to happen to all SMS messages too, Apples iMessages can be blocked if you use their system apparently whatever their system is.

  3. So let’s say someone’s in an emergency where their phone is dead and they have to use a stranger’s phone or public phone. If that person called me, and it was urgent, and I had this setting turned on, then they’d get sent to voicemail? If that’s the case, I’ll need some help sweeping up my brain cells off the floor

  4. This doesn’t really target spam calls specifically. It targets unknown callers which is a much larger group. This feature is that different from using the “Do Not Disturb” feature to silence unknown calls when your phone is not on.

  5. Pointless: the 2 reasons scammers call is 1- to pitch you the scam or 2- if you don't answer but voicemail does, the scammer knows your number is a valid one and can be sold as part of a viable list fetching them $$$.. Just give us a way to easily block wildcard numbers like any Panasonic phone can do; no ring. no voicemail, blocked!