HTC 10 vs LG G5: Smartphone role reversal? | Pocketnow

There’s a wide world of phones out there. For folks looking outside Apple and Samsung, what do other manufacturers have to offer? We’re pitting the HTC 10 against the LG G5 to see who has the best alternative to Galaxies and iPhones.

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HTC 10 vs LG G5: Smartphone role reversal? | Pocketnow


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  1. I wonder how long this one will last my guess is 3 months before it
    falls apart. I actually got HTC's customer service to admit that the m9
    was not a very good phone. When these phones die under warranty they
    will replace it once and void your warranty 90 days. When they couldn't
    find my IMEI they tried to tell me that they didn't make my phone even
    though I received it from them directly. Every new HTC phone that comes
    out is a slightly lower build quality and it seems that they operate on
    hype rather than quality.

  2. when you want alternative to samsung and apple…???!!!!! i even dont look to samsung and apple they don't deserve tge first and second place, and what happen to sony and huawei

  3. Literally my biggest disappointment is lg drifting away from the volume rockers on the back. Those are so convenient. My G3 is starting to act funny and I am seriously dreading having to get a new phone. I love the G3.