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  1. If you have iphone xs/xs max connectivity issues. Its T-mobile who obviously are having problems. I have Verizon and everybody i know on Verizon with the new iPhones hasn't had any issues. All i can say is, GET BETTER SERVICE.

  2. Why is everybody blaming it on the iphone snd not there carrier?. In every video ive seen, everyone eith problems has the same carrier. That = carrier problems. NOT APPLE IPHONE PROBLEMS. This is making alot of individuals look really close minded.

  3. The failure of all stock Android phones (be them Nexus, iPixels, Google Play Edition etc) have proved time and again that people do NOT want stock Android.

  4. LG are clearly invested in audio technology. They have the best headphone jack in the market. Samsung won't take it out in spite of roasting Apple.

    Realistically most people genuinely can't afford iphone Xs/Max. Though i am shocked just how many people have the X, but still mass majority have the 7/7 plus/8/8 plus. Though those arent cheap phones either.

    Ooooooh do i hate samsung software. Their hardware is all in one lovely nerdtastic package but that locked bootaloder and bloatware is a losing combination for me. People don't realize that Samsung wouldn't have had to resort to a huge battery and 7+ oz phone if they optimized their phone well. Realistically i doubt most people can comfortably use a note 8/9.

    As much as i love Huawei's success…..they are shady af. Personally i cant trust their devices with my sensitive data.

    I too think Pixel XL3 looks horrendous. Though who knows. That maybe a new variant Pixel Ultra. The standard pixel 3 looks great actually. Its exactly what the pixel 2 should of been. Another thing too is the build quality. Jerryrigseverything has tested the back of the XL2 to be aluminum…..coated in PLASTIC. The phone also breaks via bending across the infamous center antenna area. So very poor build quality.

  5. Also, LG is very invested with the headphone jack, because of that badass quad DAC that it's attached to. The V phones are intended to be uncompromising, portable media rigs.