On Pocketnow Daily, Huawei just released a teaser saying it is time to explore with a squared shape that hints the Mate 20 Pro’s camera arrangement. A Galaxy Note 9 started smoking on an elevator in New York, and a lawsuit has been filed against Samsung. Apple’s suppliers are worried that the iPhones won’t sell as much to fulfill their Q4 expectations due to high prices. The AirPower Mat will reportedly be launched until next year as it’s main manufacturing problems have been revealed. We end today’s show with the Razer Phone 2’s announcement that will happen this October 10th.

All this and more after the break.

– Huawei Mate 20 Pro teaser confirms weird camera arrangement

Huawei Mate 20 Pro teaser confirms weird camera arrangement

– Galaxy Note 9 battery overheats, smokes out, now subject of lawsuit

Galaxy Note 9 battery overheats, smokes out, now subject of lawsuit

– Apple suppliers concerned about high iPhone prices

Apple suppliers concerned about high iPhone prices

– AirPower mats are overheating and may come with a different appearance

AirPower mats are overheating and may come with a different appearance

– Razer Phone 2 set to debut October 10

Razer Phone 2 set to debut October 10

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  1. The problem I have with teck reviewers you all need to do more research find the facts, present the evidence before presenting this stories, before any high end phone come out on the market there are clone on sale, with out evidence please stop reporting these stories just to get views.

  2. I can't see a problem with the Huawei mate 20 camera arrangement and why would people want to look at the back of the phone also its different I personally like different and if it works leave it

  3. the square camera placement is excellent!!! just wish they don't adopt the notch design like iphone on the front display, stick to galaxy thin bazel will do. I dont care it have a bazel, why people care so much..

    if one wants to have a complete full screen, go for oppo find X.

  4. Samsung fanboys calling out Apple on such incidences to make the note 9 explosion(i really really hope it didn't happen, but if it did they are done for good) justifiable. It makes you think how fucked up fanboys are.

  5. Disliked. This was a classic example of a YouTuber looking for undeserved clicks; reporting a single unproven incident as a fact just because it'd make a good headline.

    A lot of other phones have caught fire once or twice but have never been reported on like this.

  6. I am an Apple Sheep and I strongly believe that Apple have overpriced their latest phones. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are tremendous phones, but I remember when the now “budget” price of the iPhone XR was the price of the Plus model phone – i.e. iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus.

    When it comes to supplier fears of Apple having bad quarterly numbers, I don’t think that is something we really need to worry about. Their unit price is higher than ever, and even the cheapest iPhone, the SE has been discontinued. Now if you would like to buy the entry level iPhone, you would need to buy an iPhone 7 at $449. It may be a worry for suppliers because for them it is more about the number of units sold.

  7. Well… the Samsung NOTE phones are always the hottest phones in the industry. haha I don't believe that woman's story to be honest. More than likely she did something to the phone or it never happen.

  8. I feel the woman in NY is just trying to capitalize on the fact that one previous Note had problems. Attention seeker! Lot of people use phones in wrong ways, using for calls for charging, charging with low quality chargers and what not. I love my N9

  9. Weird how the "The new iPhones will crush the note 9" articles were put to shame after the iPhones came out. Also, it's so convenient that it explodes(the articles) after the iPhones come out. Also that ladies story has giant gaps and has very little detail.
    Also let's not forget about the note 7. Soon after that, people tried to say their galaxy s7 and s7 edge were exploding too, just to get money.