Huawei Mate X announcement, Huawei P30 Pro leaks & more - Pocketnow Daily Recap

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily Recap as we go through your top comments for our hottest news last week.

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  1. What will people do with all these cameras? It's not your taking pictures and videos all day long. Leica cameras are still better. And huawei will give us great features like always.

  2. It's slowly gets dark outside Jaime's window throughout the course of the video, then suddenly getting light again at the closeout. Was that dawn breaking Jaime?

  3. The person who can hold a pen steady while they look down at screen to make sure they have selfie shot then look back up to pen camera to get face in selfie shot gets my vote to lead us all into a brave new world.

    Give us a fighting chance make it magnetic at least. Tiny retractable tripod?

  4. Looking forward to Huawei p30Pro refueling Huawei. US government really shameful. The US government has been monitoring the world, including German Chancellor Gerhard Snowden, and it has come to light that the US government can not monitor the world with Huawei products!