I Tried The 7-Minute Workout For A Month — Here's What Happened

The 7-minute workout is a science-backed circuit routine that uses only body weight. The high-intensity interval-training program was designed by two exercise scientists, Chris Jordan and Bret Klika, to be the most efficient workout. Our video producer, Kevin Reilly, spent 30 days using the 7-minute workout as his exercise.

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  1. The number one priority for weight loss is what you eat. Workout comes second. I lost 25 kg and yes I worked out 5 times at the gym a week. But when I don’t, I keep losing weight because I ate right. But working out also helps people to eat right. You start to contemplate on your eating decisions like “do i really want to waste all my calories burned at the gym on a triple whoper?”

  2. People are so freaking concerned about saving time.
    Why only workout for 7 minutes when you can put in some actual work. do 30 minutes to one hour per day and you'll see a transformation.
    It takes hard work and dedication. trust me that takes more than 7 minutes if you're serious.

  3. I think you missed the point there… It’s not just about doing an exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 10… In these 30 seconds you need to go almost as fast as you can while maintaining proper form (about 80% of your max is what normally advised), and then you get results. At least in this video it seems as though you took your time in each exercise, or maybe you didn’t but it didn’t seem as intense as this workout is supposed to be..

    I’m not just trashing, and I sure don’t mean to offend.. I’m simply talking out of my own experience, to help others that maybe watching this and think it doesn’t worth it.. IT DOES WORTH IT. I did it too for about a year on and off, and after only three weeks my muscles were so much more toned that I started to get compliments from people who didn’t even know I was exercising (so you know it’s not just to be nice…). Also, I was in the best shape of my life cardiovascular wise. I remember one time when I needed to run to catch the train and I was so surprised by how easy it suddenly was.. I ran for about 10 minutes straight quite effortlessly – without running at all as part of my workout routine – the only workout I did back then was the 7 minutes workout..

    BTW- this workout is especially good for those who want just to be more toned and be in a good cardiovascular shape – it’s not for building muscle mass..

    Bottom line – try it for yourself, and don’t forget the crucial point that is to GO ALMOST ALL-IN in every exercise (about 80% of your max), and trust me you’ll see, and feel the difference as soon as a few weeks.

  4. You do look nice in that tux! Will you please list the exercises and do you know what substitutions could be made for someone who is an above the knee amputee? Thanks.